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Coat of Arms

A new version of our Coat of Arms was created by Adam Hanczakowski. It represents two important mottos closely related to the patron saint and spirituality of the Michaelite Fathers.

It displays a round coat divided into two fields.  The colours yellow and red beautifully depict the spirit of the first defender of God’s glory, St. Michael. On the right there is a red sword of fire, the symbol of St. Michael, which expresses the first motto of our Congregation – “Who is like God”. On the left, there are three ears of wheat and above them, Fleur de lis. The ears of wheat symbolize prosperity, richness, and prudence. Liturgy of the Mass expresses it in these words: … gift of bread which human hands have made to become for us the bread of life …

Fleur de lis is an old symbol of royalty, nobility, and the symbol of the Blessed Virgin Mary. For us it symbolizes purity and innocence that signify the second motto of our Congregation – "Temperance and Work".


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